Personal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

Personal Guidance for Patients and CaregiversPersonal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

A word from our customers


Dan-caring for mother

"I took a vacation for the first time in five years because I finally felt like I had the right people in place to leave my mom for two weeks."

Suzanne-caring for sister with mental illness

"I only wish I had known about you years ago, you are a lifesaver and I couldn't have done this without you."

Alex- caregiver for father

"I am an only child and was so stressed out and felt so guilty for not doing a better job with my dad who has alzheimers. You helped me do a better job and find the best situation for him and for me. I would have lost my job and my mind if not for your help with everything."

James-caregiver for mother and grandmother

"I live in a rural town and have little face to face contact with anyone other than my mom and grandma who I am caring for. Having someone to see and talk to every week who understood what I was going through kept me from becoming completely overwhelmed. Thank you."

Sharon-caring for mother with mental illness and dementia

"I had pulled away from my mom because I didn't know how to help and have a complicated history with her and my siblings. I learned how to be a better caregiver with your help and was able to spend precious time with her before she passed."

Lisa-caring for father

"I didn't know where to even start after my dad had a stroke. You helped me create an action plan, hire the best caregivers when the time came and organize all of his medical information so it was easy to share with others helping with his care. Your knowledge of how hospitals work and how to talk to doctors and nurses made me feel less intimidated so I could be a better advocate for him."