Personal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

Personal Guidance for Patients and CaregiversPersonal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer in-person advocacy sessions and support?

Because of the current Covid 19 outbreak we are only offering virtual sessions.  We do offer some in person sessions in Minnesota, Georgia and Florida.

Can you conduct a session with my family? Is there an additional cost?

We do provide care conference sessions for up to five care team and/or family members. There is no additional cost.

Can i have the same advocate for every session or as an ongoing support?

Requests like this are handled on a case by case basis. We are typically able to make the accommodation for a client to have a primary advocate who understands their particular case and needs. There are occasions where a client has an unexpected need and that advocate isn't available.  Another advocate can fill in upon reviewing the history and notes if acceptable to the client.

do you provide end of life planning services or molst creation?

We are happy to assist you in having the often difficult discussion with your loved one and family regarding what their wishes are if they are unable to speak for themselves and refer you to resources that can help in your area, such as Honoring Choices and estate attorneys. We can also assist in finding the hospice resources in your area and assist you in creating an end of life plan with or for your loved one, that most highly honors their dignity. There are many options on how to handle life transitions. We will help you explore as many as you wish to consider during this sacred time.

How do you verify whether or not someone has the right to request services on someone's behalf?

If situations arise where the consent of an individual or the person with the legal authority to act on their behalf is needed, we obtain written permission from that person or require proof such as power of attorney or guardianship documents from the person acting on their behalf.

What if my sister, brother, cousin...contacts you and wants to know what we have discussed?

All conversations and documentation are private and confidential. An individual requesting this information must show evidence they have a legal right to the information via a release of information document signed by the person who has the legal authority to make that decision.