Personal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

Personal Guidance for Patients and CaregiversPersonal Guidance for Patients and Caregivers

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Navigating the challenges of providing care to a loved one can be daunting.  This is especially true if you find yourself very suddenly in the role of primary caregiver.  Whether you are caring for a child with an illness or disability, spouse with cancer, sibling with mental illness or an aging parent with dementia or a chronic illness, you want to insure your loved one is healthy, happy and receiving the best care possible.

We have been there. We understand how difficult and confusing it can be. We have walked side by side families in countless situations from the beginning of an illness through hospice, end of life planning and beyond.  You don't have to guess or go it alone but you can do it with education and guidance.  Some common things we help with include:

  • Assistance with creating a care plan and gathering the resources you need to carry it out

  • Things to consider when making decisions regarding living transitions and finding the environment that is the best fit for your loved one

  • Evaluating costs associated with care needs now and in the future

  • Gathering and organizing medical, legal and financial information

  • Hiring the very best care providers and managing the care team effectively

  • Managing stress and maintaining your own health while caring for your loved one

  • Accessing resources in your area including healthcare, legal and financial professionals

  • Managing complex family dynamics and keeping everyone focused on the current priorities

  • End of life planning and decision making including having difficult but important conversations

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